MDS is committed to providing comprehensive and objective medical equipment planning, procurement and installation management services.

MDS Medical Equipment advisory includes basic hospital equipment (operating theatre tables, operating theatre lamps, examination tables, sterilization devices, etc.); sophisticated hospital equipment (anesthesia devices, lung ventilators, incubators, cardiac monitors, ECG devices, infusion pumps, suction devices); high tech medical devices (CT, MR, CR, NM, RT, etc): Healthcare IT (HIS, PACS, RIS, Dose Control, ICU, ER & OR Logistics, RTLS, etc).

MDS assists Project/Portfolio Managers by providing consultancy, controlling and monitoring regarding the preparation of technical specifications, offers evaluation, procurement, delivery and installation of equipment.

MDS has participate in several projects regarding Hospitals, Radiology and Radiotherapy Centers in Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico.

Our services comprise:

To undertake a rapid needs assessment of the medical equipment to be purchased and to prepare the technical specifications for them.
To provide support in technical evaluation of supply offers received during procurement.
To supervise the training of medical professionals that operate medical equipment.
To control the delivery of the supplies and on-site checks.
Provision of technical advice and expertise on medical equipment of the project.
Operational and technical assistance to Project Management.

Specific deliverables:

List of medical equipments, stating type, functional purpose and the number of units needed.
Technical specifications.
Technical evaluation of suppliers offers.
Control of the equipment supplied, including on-site check of delivered equipment.
Control of the training provided to hospital/facilities personnel.

Our Functional Competencies:

Proven analytical capacity and strategic thinking.
Ability for planning, prioritizing, coordinating and monitoring the work of others, delegating responsibility where appropriate.
Excellent interpersonal and supervisory skills.
Resourcefulness, initiative, and maturity of judgment.
Excellent communication, organizational and management skills in a complex multi-stakeholder environment.
Ability to handle effectively multiple tasks without compromising quality, team spirit and positive working relationships.
Excellent computer and information systems skills.

Our Management and Leadership Competencies:

Strong results orientation.
Effective problem-solver.
Demonstrated capacity-building and facilitation skills.
Work with energy and positive-constructive attitude.
Ability to establish effective working relations in a multicultural team environment.
Effectively manages teams and creates an enabling work environment.
Flexible and responsive with a client-oriented approach.